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Common name & Scientific nameUseful information
Ur phantast F  PHF 10   DSC04089

Uroplatus phantasticus

Satanic Leaf-tail Gecko

18.16 adult pairs


phoca thumb l dscn4321

Uroplatus fimbriatus

Giant Leaf-tail Gecko

2.0 - c.b 2015, adults 

Ur allaudi F  AFA birth 04.16  DSC07024

Uroplatus alluaudi

Leaf-tail Gecko


2.2 - Uroplatus alluaudi, c.b 2016

Possible trade!

ur finiavana black m   fbm 2  1.5 years dsc00078

Uroplatus finiavana

Leaf-tail Gecko

2.0 - c.b 2016,  adult males, blacbuccal membrane

Ur finiavana white  F FOLY birth 01.16 DSC02101 21

Uroplatus finiavana

Leaf-tail Gecko

5.0 - c.b 2015, juveniles, white buccal membrane

3.2 - c.b 2016, juveniles, white buccal membrane

Ur ebenaui M EBO birt 04.16  DSC07578 2

Uroplatus ebenaui

Spearpoint Leaf-tail Gecko 

2.4 c.b. 2016

Ur. Guenteri Unsex GU8 DSC00134

Uroplatus guentheri

Gunter's Flat-tail Gecko

1.1 c.b 2016

0.0.4 c.b 2016,  juveniles


Ur henkeli M HENRI  birth 03.16 DSC02660

Uroplatus henkeli

Henkel's Flat-tailed Gecko

0.0.2 - c.b piebald

0.0.7 - c.b color

Ur henkeli diego F

Uroplatus henkeli Diego

Henkel's Flat-tailed Gecko



Uroplatus henkeli

Henkel's Flat-tailed Gecko

0.0.5 - c.b 2015 Piebald 

Uroplatus sikorae MDA 

Southern Flat-tailed Gecko

5.5 - c.b 2015 

10.0 - c.b 2015 extra males juveniles, originated from MDA!

Ur sikorae moram M SMUN  DSC07727

Uroplatus sikorae Moramanga

Southern Flat-tailed Gecko


4.0 - c.b 2015  juveniles

Ur sameiti F  SBF  lips frayed  DSC08566

Uroplatus sameiti

Southern Flat-tailed Gecko

3.1 - c.b. 2016

0.2 - c.b. 2015 females


Uroplatus pietschmanni

Cork Bark Leaf-Tailed Gecko

2.1 - c.b, 2015
Ur giganteus F GALO 22 cm DSC05774

Uroplatus giganteus

Giant Flat-tail Gecko

2.0 - c.b 2014, 30 cm adult males 

1.1 - c.b. 2016, 24-26 cm 

5.5- c.b. 2016, 15-16 cm

Phels RED  UNS1  birth 05.16.   DSC02290

Phelsuma madagascariensis red

Madagascar day gecko

0.0.12 c.b. 2016, juveniles


IMG 8000

Correlophus ( Rhacodactylus ) ciliatus

Crested gecko

Up to 30 c.b 2016, regular.

Special price!

Eublepharis angramainyu

Iranian Leopard gecko

7.5 (Ilam province), c.b. juveniles June-July 2016 

Eublepharis hardwickii

Eastern Indian Leopard Gecko

0.3 c.b. BION females

Hemitheconyx taylori

Taylor's Fat-tail Gecko

Reservation welcome! 10 pairs available
IMG 4913

Paroedura masobe

Madagascar Big Eyed Gecko

1.0 juvenile male
C parsoni ranamaf  uns FREN 25 cm IMG 4919

Calumma parsonii 

Parsons chameleon

0.0.2 c.b. - BOM 21 cm, FREN 25 cm including tail, YELLOW LIP, foundstock from RANOMAFANA


C pars giant uns 58 birth 12.16   DSC08035

Calumma parsonii

Parsons chameleon

0.0.7 - c.b Yellow Giant


Calumma parsonii 

Parsons chameleon

5.10 - c.b  ORANGE EYES, foundstock from  SOANIERANA, 25-28 cm 

 Ask individual photo!

C pars soenirTamatava F PASSON  PRP  36  cm DSC00586

Calumma parsonii 

Parsons chameleon


C pars Andekaleka MIMI 21.5 cm DSC06101

Calumma parsonii 

Parsons chameleon

0.0.2 - c.b., 20-25 cm,  foundstock from  ANDAKALEKA 
C parsoni RED uns SALLI    25 cm DSC03991 2

Calumma parsonii 

Parsons chameleon

0.0.2 - c.b, foundstock from  SOANIERANA RED COLOR, 25 cm 
C. oshaughnessyi F   1IMG 4758

Calumma       oshaughnessyi

O'shaughnessy's chameleon

1.0 - w.c. female
Calumma gastrotaenia 0.1 - sub-adult 
Calumma nasutus  4 M IMG 3631

Calumma nasutum

Nose-horned Chameleon

4.0 c.b BION 
male 5 29cm IMG 0626

Calumma brevicorne

Short-horned chameleon



Calumma globifer

Globifer chameleon


depositphotos 64330911-Limited-Quantity-stamps


Furcifer pardalis


Panther chameleon

0.0.10 Tamatave 

0.0.10 Masoala

Reservation for April 2016

1 F pard Tam3545435435C00603

Furcifer pardalis


F pard Ankaramy  M ANTON  DSC06447

Furcifer pardalis  ANKARAMI

Panther chameleon

14 - bright males



F pard Masoala M  MASLO DSC06872

Furcifer pardalis MASOALA

Panther chameleon

1.0 - bright male
F pard Nose Be M NiXON no 4 claws  IMG 5274

Furcifer pardalis NOSY BE

Panther chameleon

10.0 - bright males


Fur pard Ambilobe M AMALIO DSC09560

Furcifer pardalis AMBILOBE

Panther chameleon

6.0 - bright males

F pard Ambanja M AMERIKA DSC05711

Furcifer pardalis AMBANJA 

Panther chameleon

w.c adult in pairs


F pard Tamatava M TORTIK IMG 5261

Furcifer pardalis TAMATAVE

Panther chameleon

20.0 - bright males

F campani F 3 IMG 4709

Furcifer campani

Madagascar forest chameleon

4.4 very nice pairs!


DSC04610 - копия

Furcifer lateralis

Carpet Chameleon

3.0 - BRIGHT! adult pairs
IMG 4878

Furcifer balteatus

Two-banded chameleon


0.0.6 - unsexed, c.b. September 2016, 8 month old, 18-19 cm including tail

Possible trade!

IMG 1875 - копия


Chamaeleo calyptratus

Veiled chamelen

10-12 cm, including tail. Only 100 heads unreserved for June.

 depositphotos 64330911-Limited-Quantity-stamps


5.5 – 6-8 months old, SUPER BRIGHT for DISPLAY purpose!

img 7461123 3


Chamaeleo calyptratus Piebald

Veiled chameleon

Waiting news for selling in July-August


Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

Northern blue-tongued skinks



Tiliqua gigas

Indonesian blue-tongued skink

0.0.3 - 24-27 cm

IMG 7947  копия

Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

Northern blue tongued skink


Waiting new offspring in June


Petrosaurus thalassinus

Baja blue rock lizard

5.0 - c.b 2016


Ctenosaura alfredshmidtii

Ctenosaura alfredschmidti

Campeche spiny-tailed iguana

4(2.2) adults

new in st

Ctenosaura defensor pair

Ctenosaura defensor

Yucatán spiny-tailed iguana

Adult in pairs. Preliminary order needed

male DSC00594

Ctenosaura               pectinata PIEBALD

Black spiny-tailed iguana

1.1 adult ready for breeding next year

IMG 1104

Phrynosoma cornuta

Texas horned lizard

1.3 adult 

KOV 5241 400x300

Phrynosoma asio

Giant Horned lizard

3.3 adults

depositphotos 64330911-Limited-Quantity-stamps

C.catapractus adult and babies

Cordylus cataphractus

Armadillo girdled lizard

0.0.5 c.b. juveniles


DSC 0136

Pogona vitticeps

Bearded dragon

100 c.b. juveniles 2 month old

IMG 9733


Pogona viiticeps RED

Bearded dragon

1.1 adult 


 KOV5907 - копия

Chlamydosaurus kingii

Frilled dragon

50 juveniles, Indonesian  origin





Laudakia stellio brachydactyla

 Painted Dragon

4.0 adult 
1383354 1488328724759908 464099447148138562 n


Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus

Chameleon Forest Dragon

0.0.4 unsex 3-8 month old size: 13 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm, 27 cm

DSC 0367

Pogona henrylawsoni



5.0 adult males!



Uromastyx ornata

Ornate spiny-tailed lizard

0.0.4 - c.b. 2016, 15-18 cm

Waiting for new babies soon!

DSC00505 - копия

Uromastyx thomasi

Thomas' Mastigure


IMG 0085

Uromastyx aegyptia

Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard

20 c.b babies, 10-14 cm
IMG 2383 - копия

Uromastyx dispar flavofasciata

Banded uromastyx

Waiting from breeder. Strictly according preliminary order

Uromastyx acanthinurus nigriventris 

Moroccan uromastyx 

c.b. babies waiting in September
thomassi see condition fhdr

Uromastyx macfadueni

Macfadyen's Mastigure


Saara loricata

Mesopotamian spiny tailed agama

0.0.4 c.b babies
xenagama taylori Regular

Xenagama taylori

Dwarf Shield Tailed Agama

0.0.4 RED babies c.b BION

Shinisaurus crocodilurus

Chinese crocodile lizard

4.4 - foundstock  from Vietnam origin

Круглоголовка ушастая

Phrynocephalus mystaceus     

Toad head agama

50 adults
Copy of DSC 8584 small

Egernia stokesii

Gidgee skink

15 c.b. BION babies
Male 3 DSC01359 - копия 2

Diploglossus monotropis

Small-lipped Galliwasp

2.0 adult super males, possible pairs according request


Varanus cumingi

Yellow-headed water monitor

0.0.7 c.b. April 2017, available.
17800142 1867536610172449 4147991849167394234 n

Varanus salvator komaini BLACK

Water monitor


0.0.4 unsexed babies

kov 9499 640480

Varanus macraei

The Blue Tree Monitor

re-export from Indonesia, 2 adult pairs




Scientific name & Common nameUseful information

annitha 5 sm L 10  IMG 21

Brachypelma annitha

Mexican Giant Orange Knee Tarantula 

100 c.b, body 5 cm (2"), L-10

smithi L 11 5.5 sm  IMG 39  копия

Brachypelma smithi

Mexican redknee tarantula

100 c.b, body 5 cm (2"), L-10

emilia 2.5-3 sm L 5  IMG 25  копия

Brachypelma emilia

Mexican redknee tarantula

30 c.b, body 2.5-3 cm (2"), L-5

aureostriata 5-6 sm L11 IMG 29  копия

Grammostola aureostriata

Mike's Basic Tarantula

50 c.b, body 5.5-6 cm (2"+)L9-10

robustum L 12 5.5 sm IMG 37  копия

Megaphobema robustum

Giant Columbian Red Leg Tarantula

100 c.b, body 6 cm (2"+)L9-10

Monocentropus balfouri 2-2.5 sm L4 IMG 30  копия

Monocentropus balfouri

Socotra Island Blue Baboon


10 c.b, body 2-2.5 cm (1"+)L4

Psalmopoeus cambridgei 2.5-3 sm L 5 IMG 33  копия

Psalmopoeus cambridgei

Trinidad chevron tarantula


10 c.b, body 2.5-3 cm (1"+), L5