"EKZOLAND"  —  a territory of wild nature in the center of Kyiv and the new popular tourist site!

 A zoo of the new generation — "EKZOland"  is open for public  since 1 June, 2011 in "DreamTown" – the most popular Shopping Mall  of Ukraine's capital. 

"EKZOland" visitors immediately find themselves immersed in the atmosphere of a fantastic tropical landscape, which combines elements of nature of South-East Asia, Madagascar, Australia, Africa and South America.

Today "EKZOland" is the only location in Ukraine where you can both see and visit a pool with freshwater electric rays, a canyon with crocodile monitors which resemble tyrannosaurus; a forest of charming tame Ruffed lemurs , a cave of  bats, an exotic garden with talking parrots and marmosets monkeys, a lagoon with caimans, a real waterfall and many other live exotics wonders, including large coconut crab.

The reptile people could find here a few species of rare monitors, caiman lizards, trio of giant tegu,  good selection of chamaeleons, rare tortoises species, interesting python color morphs and much more.

In fact, demonstrated in two sections of  one  large  pavilion are the unique and spectacular species of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals in the conditions which simulate their habitats. And all these in an environment of blossoming orchids, baobab trees, and tangles of bananas and bamboo…

"EKZOland"  — is a new generation zoo, where animals and people feel the same comfort.

"EKZOland"  —  is a richness of design and decoration,  of using panoramic and open displays, combined with a good choice of interesting live exhibits.

"EKZOland"  —  is a fascinating site for family recreation, tourists and by sure for  reptile’s lovers & wild nature fanciers of any age.  

For more info pls check: www.ekzoland.com.ua, Facebook, VK

Contact information:

Address: 1-B, Obolonsky Avenue, "Obolon" Metro Station, "DreamTown" Shopping Mall, Bldg 1, Floor 3.

Working hours: Monday through Friday —  12.00 till 21.00;

Saturday, Sunday, and holidays —  11.30 till 22.00

Inquiries and tour booking: (044) 451 50 90


Welcome to EKZOLAND1  EKZOLANDzoo                Welcome to EKZOLAND!                                                   EKZOLand zoo

EKZOlandzoo1  whitepython display                           EKZOLand zoo                                                  Whitepython display

P1010176  EKZOLandzoo2                     Ekzoland enters                                                        EKZOLand zoo      

Common caimans display1 1  Crocodile monitors                  Common caiman`s display                                       Crocodile monitors 

Python reticulatus  Cayman turtle                  Python reticulatus                                                Cayman turtle 

Green pythons copulating  Calumma parsonii               Green pythons copulating                                              Calumma parsonii                        

Boy with tortoises  Ara ararauna                    Boy with tortoises                                                     Ara ararauna

Dracena quianensis  Basilisk plumifrons                           Dracena quianensis                                            Basilisk plumifrons              

Chlamydosaurus kingii  Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis                  Chlamydosaurus kingii                                    Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis          

Callithrix aurita  Plesiotrygon iwamae                     Callithrix aurita                                         Plesiotrygon iwamae      

IMG 69461  Varanus melinus                        Varecia varegata                                          Varanus melinus     

Ruffed lemurs facility  Python molurus albino                      Ctenosaura pectinata                                         Python molurus albino      

Varecia varegata  Geochelone sulcata                       Varecia varegata                                       Geochelone sulcata   

Zonozaurus maximus  Tiliqua scincoides                  Geochelone sulcata                                             Tiliqua scincoides