Dear guests, colleague and customers,

Since 1993 the group of companies "BION" has been engaged in the import/export, sale and breeding of exotic reptiles species.

BION's policy has always been popularization (promotion) of responsible and adequate keeping your pets in captivity.

For today we have the following tasks:

     -       to offer a competitive assortment of popular & valuable species all year round;

     -      to develop our breeding projects;

     -  to support interesting  projects in herpetoculture. 

Beside commercial species for wholesalers & pet shops we are working with valuable species for experienced hobbyists, breeders and zoos.

In 2011 we launched "EKZOLAND" – modern Reptile Zoo in Kyiv; also exhibited are parrots and primates.

In 2013 we opened BION's Breeding Center. Nowadays it has collected a unique breeding stock of rare lizards species originated from Australia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, Somalia. As the matter of fact we are happy with results and expect more development in a future.

In 2016 we are in process of building "EKZO Ranch" – the farm for keeping and breeding of tortoises, lizards (+ small primates and exotic mammals species as well) in a country 30 km from Kiev , Ukraine.

BION’s twenty years in the world zoo industry (our main partners are stationed in South-East Asia, Europe, North and South America) is a perfect opportunity for gaining professional experience, creativity and inspiration.

The world is global and the Earth is round!

We are always open for cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Dmitri Tkachev,


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